Room 12

Room 12

Monday, February 28, 2011

My awesome wordle

This is my wordle. Don't you think it is great?

my pretty work

This is my wordle. Do you think it's great?

About me

I write a lot of words that is all about me. I made in wordle.



MY wordle is about me

All about Me!

It looks cool.

Can Tabs

During the Christmas holiday, Mrs H and her friends from Ahipara Bay Motel collected can tabs. Over a few months, 2 whole Sprite cans were filled with the tabs off cans. The Lions Club of New Zealand set up a foundation called "Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids."
One Tab is worth One Second in the life of a child who is on dialysis
The tabs were counted by Room 12. It was not as easy as we thought. It took us a couple of go's at it and at first a lot of loud discussion. But in the end we managed to count them all up.
In both of the cans we counted 780 can tabs. (WE THINK!)
Here are some photos.

We put all the tabs into groups of 10.
The boys did the same thing.
The empty cans.
Thank you for collecting the can tabs Neil and Raewyn!

My wordle

This is my wordle. The words are all about me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My soup of words

This is my wordle it is all about me. I love my wordle it was fun doing it. Dosen't it look cool?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Brilliant awsome wordle

This is what I did on wordle that is all about me.
I described myself on my Inquiry book and wrote all the words that is all about is me .When I was finished I could go on the Laptop. On the laptop I went on firefox and typed wordle. I like how I've described myself and I am special.

my wordle

This is my wordle. It is all about me. We first clicked our initials six times.Then we wrote what we want to write. Then we have to screen shot our work. We have to put it on the desktop.

My awsome Wordle

This is my wordle. It is all about me.We first typed in our initials six times. Then we typed in what makes me unique.After that we pressed GO. Then we chose the setting.When we finished our settings we took a screen shot of our Unique Me and put it on the Desktop. Then we went on our Blog and typed about it.

Linda Strachan

On Wednesday 16 February we had a very special guest come and talk to us about her books. Yes, it was an author. Linda is from Scotland and she has written lots of books. Linda writes a lot of stories about a character called Hamish McHaggis. Hamish always wear a hat so nobody knows if Hamish has any ears. Linda talked about some of her books and she even read 2 of her books to us.
One was called "What colour is love?" We found out that the colour of love is EVERY single colour. The other book that we read was called "Hamish McHaggis and the Lost Prince" Hamish's friend Rupert (who was a Hedgehog) thought the Prince was a real prince but the prince in this story was a deer prince.
In all of the Hamish McHaggis stories there is a little creature that is on the front cover of the story. You have to find this creature on each page of the book.
We learnt some words from Scotland.
A bosie is a hug or a cuddle.
Coorie Doon means to snuggle.
At the end of Linda's talk some of the Room 12 children got up and said "Thank you Linda for coming and sharing your writing with us!"
We all enjoyed listening to Linda.
Here is the link to Linda's web page.

Sunflower seeds

Mrs Rist gave SD a dead sunflower. SD wanted to get the seeds out of the head so that we could plant them. Here are some photos of us getting the seeds out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This year our garden was very dusty and hard! The soil was very dry so we had to turn the soil. We loosened the soil by using the trowels and little pitch forks. We had to loosen to the soil so that we can plant some vegetable plants. We are hoping to plant strawberries, carrots, potatoes, corn, watermelon, tomatoes and lots more. We will need to check the gardener guide to see when the best time is to plant all of these plants. Here are some photos of us digging and cleaning out the weeds.