Room 12

Room 12

Friday, August 12, 2011

Going to Australia

I woke up and dashed up stairs with a huge smile on my face. It was the day that we were going to australia. We had to leave at 6:30am in the morning. It took us 15mins to get to the airport then we had to wait 2 hours until we got on our plane. we did a little shopping. While we were waiting we had breakfast. We brought a present for my BFF Emma. We brought a snowglobe for her with koala's inside it. Then our flight was called up and I couldn't wait to get on that plane to fly to the Goldcoast. When we got on that plane we sat down in our spot and watched a movie. The first movie that I watched was Camp rock. I liked it. The next movie that I watched was HOP!!! It was AWESOME!!! It was a 3 hour flight. After I watched 2 movies there was 7 mins to go until we landed. So I watched the airportmode. Then there was this huge bump! I looked out my winddow and whispered were here ''YAY''!!! When we got out of the plane we looked for a taxi to go to turtle beach. One of the theme parks that we went to was Dreamworld the best ride at Dreamworld was the CYCLONE because it went round and round about 3 times and it went realy realy FAST!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Going to the city

On Wednesday morning it was very interesting because we went on a train into the city! Once we got there I noticed we were in an underground tunnel. We came out and we ended up on Queen Street. We traveled up and down the streets until we arrived at Starbucks. I got a hot chocolate. Later we went down Victoria Street and then we went up the Sky Tower. When we got quarter of the way up we saw windows and when we looked down we saw a window on the bottom of the elevator. We got of the elevator and there was a great view. We stood on the glass floor but my brothers were scared because they thought they might fall. Later we saw a sky jumper and we waved to him. We looked in these bonoculars. The bonoculars made everything look gigantic. We went up another level higher and we saw a way better view than the level bellow. Later that day we went onto the train and went back home again.

My very sad day

I woke up really early in the morning and I was happy but it was still cold. It was a Sunday morning. the day I was going to Christchurch. I got excited. I went to take a shower and when I came out of the shower my mum and dad were still in bed I went to ask "why are you not out of bed" my mum replied "I am sorry but your performance got canceled" I went to my room and BURST into tears. I love to dance and preform on stage I did not talk to anyone. My sister was at a sleepover when my sister came she saw me sad. My sister always knows how to cheer me up she gave me ice-cream and m&m's. I was feeling better. My sister Pirivitha always knows how to cheer me up.


When I woke up it was light. I whispered "Madi" she was silent. So I called out louder "Madi" I jumped down my ladder and woke her up. "Madi we're going skating today remember?" We ran to my dad's and my stepmums room. We knocked on the door. Kerri said" come in". So we opened the door and BAM up jumps Floyd my puppy. "Down Floyd" I said. We went in and sat down on the couch and talked and talked and talked. They got ready and we did as well.Then we jumped in the car and drove to Paradice Ice skating. " Are we there yet?" I asked jumping up and down in my seat. It was Madi's and mine 9th birthdays. Finally we arrived. "YAY" I screamed..." But is it open?" My step mum asked. Dad went to check. He came back and said "yep Its open." So we all hopped out of the car and went to get our skates to hire. We found a seat and we put our skates on. It was slippery. later on I got the hang of it. I spun around and around. It was FUN! A while later the Ice got cleaned. After that there was a boys race and a girls race. I did not enter. The boys won STINK! I got back on the ice. I fell over but it did not hurt. We stayed there for a while longer then daddys friend Richard came ice-skating. I taught him how to ice-skate. He fell over and it was funny. It was FUN! I want to do that again. by FW. c: c:

The Hairdressers/Karen's Hair Salon

A girls day at the hairdressers. Just me, my sister and my mum. No brother and no baby sister. Mum's hairdresser is called Karen. She cuts hair from her home. When we got there her poodle started barking excitedly. I chose a fringe that went straight across because I had it before so I didn't need to look in a magazine. I had to wait for my hairstyle because my sister had her hairstyle first. It took a long time to wait. When it was my turn I got onto the chair and then Karen started cutting my hair. She put my hair over my face and cut it up to my forehead and then hair sprayed it, then it was a fringe. My mum was waiting on Karen's couch reading magazines. My hair wasn't finished yet because Karen was evening my hair and fringe. When Karen was done it was my mum's turn. Her hair style didn't take long because she just needed a fringe. I didn't know what fringe she wanted because she didn't tell me but I knew what it looked like. It was cool. After my mum's hairstyle we went straight home. I liked my new hairstyle.

Friday, July 15, 2011

LOL (Language of Learning)

In class this year we have been using the language of learning. We have been using this language to prepare us for our Student Led Conferences.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On Tuesday the 28th of June we were all so EXCITED because we were planting native trees. We had to bring spare clothes and gumboots or old shoes. We walked behind the school. Then  we saw some gardeners and they were the ones teaching us to plant trees. It was fun. It was slippery and it was hard to dig holes because there were stones/rocks in the way. When we left they gave us an apple and a bottle of water. We had the best time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The trees that we planted were called Manuka and Kanuka.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bay of Islands

On the last week of school my family and my relatives went to he Bay of Islands.It was going to be a 5 hour drive so we had to wake up at 5:00 because was leavind at 10:30. At last we reached the ferry Luckly it hadn't left. It was a 5 hour boat ride! We saw dolphins! They were beautiful. Later that my friend and I went right to the front of the boat. Then I saw land I got excited when I got of the boat I was hungry so my mum brought me fish and chips. After a few minites my mum gave me a snoe cude It says Bay of Islands. The snow cube is very special to me. It was 5:00 when we started heading home.whem we got home it was 9:00pm so I had dinner and went to sleep. =)

My Holiday

On Monday of the first day of the holidays my mum,my sister,my friend [Jade] and I went to the movies to see HOP At the movies we bought a popsical. It was YUM!!! Then we were allowed to go in to the cinamas to watch HOP. The movie was sooooo FUNNY that Charlotte nearly wet her pants. My favourite part was when HOP poooed out jelly beans "HA HA HA" I laughed. When the movie finished we went home and watched another movie. It was called Barbie and a fairy seceret. It was cool. Then it was time for [Jade] to go home she went home at 4:30pm. After [Jade] went home Charlotte and I helped Mum and Dad with dinner. We had potatoes,peas,chicken and brocoli. when we finished tea I watched Shortland Street. After Shortland Street had finished charlotte and I went to bed at 8:10pm. In the morninng on Tuesday I woke up sooo EXCITED because my friend Jade and Emma were coming over to go rockclimbing with my mum,my sister and I. We had T-shirt,shorts and sneakers on to go rockclimbing. When we got to rockclimbing we had to go to the counter to get our harness and to pay. When they gave us the harness we put them on and then went on the climbing wall. I went on the Alphabetical rockclimbing wall. I made it to the top and back. Then I went on 20 other rockclimbing walls. After 1 hour we went for lunch at Mcdonalds. I had a cheese burger. Then we went home and played until dinner time. After dinner we went to bed because we were soooo tired!!! : ) = )

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the hoildays

In the hoildays I made a welcome back card for my dad. then i made him some pretty flowers for him because l was picking him up form the airport.He was in veitnam.He was landing in New Zealand on at firday in the school hoildays 3.00p. m l was so excited to see him again. so l waited for my mum to take us to the airport . l waited for an hour then my mum showed up .
''We are ready to go now''.we shouted. l waited a long time but l remembered l had put my ipod in my pocktet. while l played lots of games .l got bored again so l went out side.when l came inside again l saw my dad l give my dad a GREAT BIG HUG .After that we drove back home my dad give us presents from veitnam . l got 4 DVDs they are: rango, toystoy 3, rio, diary of the wimpy kid. MY sisters got the dvd they like.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ripper Rugby

On Friday the 29th of April I went to my brothers Rugby Club with my Mum , Dad , sisters and my brother.  His club is called Pakuranga United.  The team he plays for is the Catolac's.  He played against the Ferrari's.  First they had training on a small field.  He practised passing and running.  After the training he and his team went on the GIGANTIC field, to play.  He played Ripper Rugby.  It was freezing.  All the other games his team won but this time they didn't.  He and his team tried their best.  After the game we went inside for prize giving.  He didn't get player of the day.  Then we had dinner.  We got chicken nuggets and fries with sauce.  After dinner a fat clown walked in.  His name was B.J .  He drew a picture of a rugby ball with a face.  He named it Robbie.  We all said "Hi Robbie".  He said back "Hi everyone" and B.J got a fright.  Then wehad to go home.  When we got home we got our P.J's on.  Then we watched the royal wedding on TV.  Kate and Prince William were getting married.  But we couldn't watch all of it because we had to go to bed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kelly Sports

We had a great morning playing different sports with the people from Kelly Sports. We did some Rugby skills, some soccer skills, and some games. The games we played was a target game where we had to roll tennis balls into a hoop. It looked easy at first but it was harder than we thought. We also had to pay a catch game with nets. Our partner had to throw tennis balls and then we had to catch it with the nets. It was heaps of fun.

Easter BY KW

Easter iswonderful
And we have fun
The lawn mower runs eggs over
Thats my favourite part 
Lots of eggs to hunt for
Some with squishy marshmarllow
Others with prizes 
Some with nothing inside      
Easter is my favourite holaday

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fotobabble Boat

Water Immersion Activities Day 2

Stream Trip.
We went a walk to the stream that run along the back of our school. We found out that part of the stream is fresh water and the other part is salt water and mangroves.
We saw lots of interesting things including an eel, and a dead snapper.
We learnt that snapper come into the mangroves to lay their eggs. Maybe the tide went out too fast and the snapper got caught.

Create your own video slideshow at

Here is the video of our eel that we saw.

Water Immersion Activities Day 1

We launched our new Inquiry topic with 4 days of water immersion activities. Our new topic is called 'Our World . . . Our Water.' We joined together with our buddy class Room3. Our first days activities we did some research around our school. We went searching for all the water sources in our school. We took a pencil and a tally chart and kept a record of our findings.
We found out that there were lots of water sources in our school.
We have 4 drinking fountains.
About 40 toilets in our school. That includes the urinals in the boys toilets and the teachers toilets.
About 40 sinks with taps, 2 dishwashers, 4 hose outlets, 3 sprinkler systems for our gardens, and 1 swimming pool.
That is quite a lot of water outlets in our school.
Here are some photos that Mrs M took for us.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Turning 8

I'm planning a party for me. I've planed it with my family. It's going to be good. I hope my family likes it. It's this week. My birthday is on 18 March.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going to Australia

Hooray!  Hooray!  When I got out of bed this was the day were going to Australia.  I ran and woke my sister up.  After I woke my sister up I went and woke up my Dad and my Mum.  My sister was very excited because our cousins were coming toMy Mum packed our bags and then my Dad put our bags inside the car.  Once we got at the airport we waited because there was long que.  "Finaly!"   I shouted.  After we finished checking in we got on the plane.  I started to watch a movie.  A little while later I was fast asleep.  Once we got to Australia my mum woke me up.  When we got off the plane,I saw our cousins.  When all of us finished our greetings we went outside.  When we got outside it was felling very hot.  I thought it was 40 or higher.  It was as hot as the desert.  I was sweating hard.  A van  took us to the hotel.  It took a long time to get to the hotel.  I slept in the van.  My cousin woke me up when we got to the hotel.  When we hopped out of the van I was hot but when we got inside the hotel was nice and cold. Next we went in the room.  Our cousins were next door to us.  It was getting late we had dinner with our cousins.  We went to a food court.  The next Morning we were going to the Sydney Opera house.  But sadly it was closed.  We took pictures.  Instead we went to a Aquarium.  I felt very tired because we had to walk a long way.  "Finally! we've finished walking!" I yelled.  We went on a train.  It us back to the hotel.  I had a swim in the pool It was all the way on the top.  The next day we went on the plane.  We went home.  When we got to Auckland it was very late.  "Hoo" I yawned "Time to go home to bed"!   I said yawning.                                                                                                                                             


This is my Math problems using counters. It says 5+76=81, 2x4=8, 6+6=12 and 3+1=4.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going to Graces party

''HAPPY BIRTHDAY '' yelled Madison, Emma, Alison, Charlotte, Catherine and I. "Hi!" screamed Grace. Lets go slide on the stairs with our sleeping bags. . We where full of beans, well more like screaming beans. ''Lunch time every one '' yelled Bronnie. We bowled up stairs to eat our lunch. "Can we go bowling now please?" "ok." "Time to bowl." "yay" We had heaps of turns at bowling. Crash went the pins. Finally we got to the end. It was time to go play on the game machines but before that I needed to get our tickets. After we played on the games we went back to Graces house. While we were at Graces house we played some more and watched a movie called "Baribe and the fashion fairies" Then we had dinner and watched the rest of the movie . Then we went to bed. We had a pillow fight and a farting contest. Then we fell asleep. Catherine's alarm went of it was like the middle of the night. Then we fell back asleep. When we woke up I was on top of Emma "Get off my face! Your like an elephant on my face." Then we woke up and had another pillow fight. We had breakfast and played Rapunsal then we got picked up and went.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About Room 12

Hi Room 12,

I think you are the most amazing bunch of children.

You all so many different amazing qualities.

I put some of these onto a wordle to share with you.

Keep up the amazing work that you are doing.

Keep smiling!

From Mrs H.

Hi Room 12

Your blog is fantastic. I am really impressed with all the work you have already posted. Keep up the good work.

Mrs A

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All about the amazing me

this is


My wordle is cool

cool wordle

My cool wordle isn't it cool? I Like my wordle

nine grid

This is my nine grid. It is my favourite maths game when we do maths. Every time me and my friend have to play catch a kiwi or nine grid, me and KP always choose nine grid. We will spend lots of time playing nine grid. When we are supposed to change activities, we ask if we can keep on playing nine grid. This is how you play. You rule 9 boxes and have as many dice as you like. You roll the dice and add up the numbers and put them in any square you like. When you put all the numbers in each square you add them up side ways and then going down and diagonal. When you are finished, you cross out the numbers in the tens when you have done that you add them up diagonally and at the bottom you make the number what you got and cross out numbers that make 10 until you can't make any more 10s count it and write the answer down and that's all.

nine grid

This is my nine grid. My teacher taught me and my maths group how to play this. We are getting good at it. Now me and my friend are using four dice. The game is fun. Every maths we play it.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My awesome wordle

This is my wordle. Don't you think it is great?

my pretty work

This is my wordle. Do you think it's great?

About me

I write a lot of words that is all about me. I made in wordle.



MY wordle is about me

All about Me!

It looks cool.

Can Tabs

During the Christmas holiday, Mrs H and her friends from Ahipara Bay Motel collected can tabs. Over a few months, 2 whole Sprite cans were filled with the tabs off cans. The Lions Club of New Zealand set up a foundation called "Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids."
One Tab is worth One Second in the life of a child who is on dialysis
The tabs were counted by Room 12. It was not as easy as we thought. It took us a couple of go's at it and at first a lot of loud discussion. But in the end we managed to count them all up.
In both of the cans we counted 780 can tabs. (WE THINK!)
Here are some photos.

We put all the tabs into groups of 10.
The boys did the same thing.
The empty cans.
Thank you for collecting the can tabs Neil and Raewyn!

My wordle

This is my wordle. The words are all about me.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My soup of words

This is my wordle it is all about me. I love my wordle it was fun doing it. Dosen't it look cool?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Brilliant awsome wordle

This is what I did on wordle that is all about me.
I described myself on my Inquiry book and wrote all the words that is all about is me .When I was finished I could go on the Laptop. On the laptop I went on firefox and typed wordle. I like how I've described myself and I am special.

my wordle

This is my wordle. It is all about me. We first clicked our initials six times.Then we wrote what we want to write. Then we have to screen shot our work. We have to put it on the desktop.

My awsome Wordle

This is my wordle. It is all about me.We first typed in our initials six times. Then we typed in what makes me unique.After that we pressed GO. Then we chose the setting.When we finished our settings we took a screen shot of our Unique Me and put it on the Desktop. Then we went on our Blog and typed about it.

Linda Strachan

On Wednesday 16 February we had a very special guest come and talk to us about her books. Yes, it was an author. Linda is from Scotland and she has written lots of books. Linda writes a lot of stories about a character called Hamish McHaggis. Hamish always wear a hat so nobody knows if Hamish has any ears. Linda talked about some of her books and she even read 2 of her books to us.
One was called "What colour is love?" We found out that the colour of love is EVERY single colour. The other book that we read was called "Hamish McHaggis and the Lost Prince" Hamish's friend Rupert (who was a Hedgehog) thought the Prince was a real prince but the prince in this story was a deer prince.
In all of the Hamish McHaggis stories there is a little creature that is on the front cover of the story. You have to find this creature on each page of the book.
We learnt some words from Scotland.
A bosie is a hug or a cuddle.
Coorie Doon means to snuggle.
At the end of Linda's talk some of the Room 12 children got up and said "Thank you Linda for coming and sharing your writing with us!"
We all enjoyed listening to Linda.
Here is the link to Linda's web page.

Sunflower seeds

Mrs Rist gave SD a dead sunflower. SD wanted to get the seeds out of the head so that we could plant them. Here are some photos of us getting the seeds out.