Room 12

Room 12

Monday, February 28, 2011

Can Tabs

During the Christmas holiday, Mrs H and her friends from Ahipara Bay Motel collected can tabs. Over a few months, 2 whole Sprite cans were filled with the tabs off cans. The Lions Club of New Zealand set up a foundation called "Kan Tabs for Kidney Kids."
One Tab is worth One Second in the life of a child who is on dialysis
The tabs were counted by Room 12. It was not as easy as we thought. It took us a couple of go's at it and at first a lot of loud discussion. But in the end we managed to count them all up.
In both of the cans we counted 780 can tabs. (WE THINK!)
Here are some photos.

We put all the tabs into groups of 10.
The boys did the same thing.
The empty cans.
Thank you for collecting the can tabs Neil and Raewyn!

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