Room 12

Room 12

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Holiday

On Monday of the first day of the holidays my mum,my sister,my friend [Jade] and I went to the movies to see HOP At the movies we bought a popsical. It was YUM!!! Then we were allowed to go in to the cinamas to watch HOP. The movie was sooooo FUNNY that Charlotte nearly wet her pants. My favourite part was when HOP poooed out jelly beans "HA HA HA" I laughed. When the movie finished we went home and watched another movie. It was called Barbie and a fairy seceret. It was cool. Then it was time for [Jade] to go home she went home at 4:30pm. After [Jade] went home Charlotte and I helped Mum and Dad with dinner. We had potatoes,peas,chicken and brocoli. when we finished tea I watched Shortland Street. After Shortland Street had finished charlotte and I went to bed at 8:10pm. In the morninng on Tuesday I woke up sooo EXCITED because my friend Jade and Emma were coming over to go rockclimbing with my mum,my sister and I. We had T-shirt,shorts and sneakers on to go rockclimbing. When we got to rockclimbing we had to go to the counter to get our harness and to pay. When they gave us the harness we put them on and then went on the climbing wall. I went on the Alphabetical rockclimbing wall. I made it to the top and back. Then I went on 20 other rockclimbing walls. After 1 hour we went for lunch at Mcdonalds. I had a cheese burger. Then we went home and played until dinner time. After dinner we went to bed because we were soooo tired!!! : ) = )


Ms F said...

Goodness you had a very busy time! I do notice that you mention food a bit in this post! I am glad you are eating so that you can grow up to be strong and healthy. I am looking forward to working with you and so are my class.

Ms F

Anonymous said...

Thanks mrs F.