Room 12

Room 12

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ripper Rugby

On Friday the 29th of April I went to my brothers Rugby Club with my Mum , Dad , sisters and my brother.  His club is called Pakuranga United.  The team he plays for is the Catolac's.  He played against the Ferrari's.  First they had training on a small field.  He practised passing and running.  After the training he and his team went on the GIGANTIC field, to play.  He played Ripper Rugby.  It was freezing.  All the other games his team won but this time they didn't.  He and his team tried their best.  After the game we went inside for prize giving.  He didn't get player of the day.  Then we had dinner.  We got chicken nuggets and fries with sauce.  After dinner a fat clown walked in.  His name was B.J .  He drew a picture of a rugby ball with a face.  He named it Robbie.  We all said "Hi Robbie".  He said back "Hi everyone" and B.J got a fright.  Then wehad to go home.  When we got home we got our P.J's on.  Then we watched the royal wedding on TV.  Kate and Prince William were getting married.  But we couldn't watch all of it because we had to go to bed.

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Ms F said...

That sounds super. I was actually at a Princess tea party for the royal wedding because in Edinburgh it was day time when they got married. I bet you are looking forward to the Rugby World Cup!

Ms F