Room 12

Room 12

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the hoildays

In the hoildays I made a welcome back card for my dad. then i made him some pretty flowers for him because l was picking him up form the airport.He was in veitnam.He was landing in New Zealand on at firday in the school hoildays 3.00p. m l was so excited to see him again. so l waited for my mum to take us to the airport . l waited for an hour then my mum showed up .
''We are ready to go now''.we shouted. l waited a long time but l remembered l had put my ipod in my pocktet. while l played lots of games .l got bored again so l went out side.when l came inside again l saw my dad l give my dad a GREAT BIG HUG .After that we drove back home my dad give us presents from veitnam . l got 4 DVDs they are: rango, toystoy 3, rio, diary of the wimpy kid. MY sisters got the dvd they like.

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Ms F said...

Well, you sound like you have really enjoyed your school holidays. I like your colourful text it really caught my attention. Looking forward to working with you and the res of your class at EPS.

Ms F